The D.R.E. Talk Mental Health Speakers' Bureau consists of those who know it, live it, walk it, and talk it.

Participants want to have a real talk, a real conversation about mental illness and its effect on your community, church, university, K-12 school system, organization, fraternity, sorority and, even more, its impact on you.

Through a series of D.R.E. Talks, panel discussions, or small group sessions, D.R.E. provides first-person insight and advocacy for those impacted by 

  • an illness of the mind,
  • societal stigma,
  • suicide and ideation,
  • depression,
  • family disruptions,
  • law enforcement,
  • involuntary versus voluntary commitments, and
  • day-to-day living with pharmaceuticals.

D.R.E. Talks consist of first-hand accounts of loved ones who are living with mental illness and its impact on everyday living, followed by expert practitioners who present the truth about suicide prevention and suicide ideation, mental psychosis, medication, hospitalization, advocacy, surviving law enforcement encounters, and more.

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