A few years ago I had a significant encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ as I went about living my life as a lukewarm Christian. Some could say my encounter was similar to Saul's as he traveled the road headed to Damascus. (If you have no idea who I am referencing, grab the Bible or your technology and read Acts 9:1-19.)

Jesus knocked me down.

And then spoke.

To me.

I listened to His voice, although it was only after an intense period of whining, wailing and, I admit, snotty weeping that I finally obeyed. It was during this incredibly painful moment in time that I wrapped myself in Psalm 50:15, "Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me." Admittedly, there was something about that particular verse that God employed to cut through the fogginess of my being and the grayness of my mind.

So, I called on Jesus.

And, He delivered me.

The Damascus Road Experience (D.R.E.) was created while I laid on the dirty, dusty, boulder-filled Damascus Road of the Bible, blinded by pain, anger, fear of the unknown, and deep, dark, black crippling depression.

Waiting on Jesus to deliver me.

Deliver me, dear Jesus.



And then I got up. Not in my strength, but in His.

Once I was on my feet, shaky, uneven, I found myself headed in an entirely new direction, on a different road with a different name. Like Saul, who the Lord renamed Paul, I now had an assignment, a calling on my existence.

So, what is D.R.E.?

D.R.E. centers around the Lord Jesus Christ as the true hope, the author of hope, and for those wandering around with fogginess of the mind, He is the only hope.

It is a faith-based fully incorporated nonprofit created to serve as an advocate, a haven for truth.  It is an opportunity for real talk, a real conversation about mental health, mental illness affecting people of all races, and faith.  

In addition to our speakers' bureau, we operate a charity and an e-commerce store to support those who need assistance, working to give those impacted by mental health challenges a stigma-free future and a hope.

Learn more about us as you navigate our website. Read about our purpose, mission, and vision, understand our administrative structure, see facts and figures as they pertain to mental illness; courtesy of the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI), and get introduced through first-person stories to our D.R.E. speakers in the Encounter Blog.  Also, be sure to shop for our bold and bodacious Ask Me and One Word #TRACTEES and #WEARABLEBIBLES at our e-commerce store.

For additional information, or to schedule a D.R.E. Talk, contact us at

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